Last updated: 24 May, 2018


This Policy sets out how MEDIABASE uses and protects any information that you give MEDIABASE when you use our online services.

MEDIABASE is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using our services, you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with this Policy.

This Policy is in compliance with the requirements of the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into force on May 25, 2018. This policy does not diminish any additional rights you may have under the laws of your country.


Within this policy, “MEDIABASE” refers to a Division within iHeartMedia in the United States of America.



As a music industry chart and data information company serving broadcasting companies, major record labels and distributor, as well as concert promoters, artists, managers, music publishers, movie studios, video game developers and more worldwide, MEDIABASE leverages robust, state-of-the-art methods to optimize communication between ourselves and our customers and their employees. At present, the most immediate and universally supported communication method is email. It is in the legitimate interests of MEDIABASE to use email, cellphones and landlines to apprise customers and prospects regarding the status of their software and hardware purchases; to provide timely updates regarding the progress of support issues; to send advisories regarding account security or planned service outages; and to determine customer preferences and priorities in the marketplace.


MEDIABASE services are considered mission critical by its customers, and timeliness of communication is essential. MEDIABASE stores the minimum amount of personal  data (as defined in the GDPR)  necessary to accomplish this, and because many other companies employ these techniques, users are accustomed to and would expect to hear from MEDIABASE by email, cellphones and landlines with respect to these matters, throughout the lifetime of their relationship with us.


We may collect and store the following information about you:

a)      Your name

b)      An email address that you provide or that is provided to us by your manager.

c)       A phone number that you provide or that is provided to us by your manager.

d)      A User ID that can be based on your name, can be the same as your email address, or something unique of your own choosing within certain parameters.

e)      A password of your own choosing within certain parameters.

f)       Which MEDIABASE client businesses you are affiliated with and your title at each.

g)      The date you last interacted with MEDIABASE.



MEDIABASE will use your name, User ID and email address to authenticate you and to provide online services to the customer you represent. We use it to identify which services you select on our websites. When you activate these subscriptions, you allow MEDIABASE to contact you by email to notify you about new data, analytics or other products and services.

MEDIABASE may also contact you to advise you of planned unavailability of the services you use, to ask you about the MEDIABASE products and services or ask you about your experiences dealing with our staff.

Data collected by MEDIABASE is primarily used to interact with customers to provide service and support, and to ensure the security of the customer’s account. At times MEDIABASE will send marketing and survey materials to you.


No associated MEDIABASE entity shares any personal data with any other entity whether outside or within MEDIABASE. Personal data cannot be accessed through the iHeartMedia-owned data center held in the United States.


We are committed to ensuring that your information is secure by using commercially-reasonable technical, administrative and physical security measures designed to protect your information.
For example:

MEDIABASE web and database servers are configured to use only the latest security protocols. Database access is secured through non-default, complex passwords. The data integrity methods (firewall, etc.) have been provided by the parent company, iHeartMedia, and meet current industry standards for security. All security updates are applied in a timely manner to the systems employed.

MEDIABASE parent company, iHeartMedia, routinely performs penetration testing on network nodes to ensure the security technology and protocols are adequately protecting the network and stored information.

If a breach of security and the breach is likely to pose risk to the persons whose data is impacted, MEDIABASE will report the breach to impacted individuals.

The MEDIABASE IT department is instructed to identify and report any issues of data breach to the designated company officer who will ensure compliance with the above requirement.


MEDIABASE may store information in the following ways:

a.       When you log into our websites

When you log into our websites, MEDIABASE will store:

  1. The date you last logged into one of the MEDIABASE websites
  2. The IP address used to contact the licensing server, which may reveal your approximate location
  3. The names of any services that you access, including reports and music pulled/sampled while within the Mediabase platform


b.      Cookies uses cookies (tiny piece of information stored on your computer) to determine the type of ad to display on the Login page.

  1. It stores your user name and favorite Format on a successful login
  2. The cookies do not expire; users must explicitly Delete Cookies to remove them


c.       Licensing

The MEDIABASE Licensing system stores the following information.

  1. Username
  2. First Name, Last Name
  3. Company Name
  4. Call Letters
  5. Title
  6. Address
  7. City, State, Country, Zip Code
  8. Phone Number
  9. Primary and Secondary Email Address



If you wish to restrict the collection or use of your personal information, contact us. 

We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so.

You may request details of personal information which we hold about you. If applicable, we will promptly correct any information found to be incorrect. Contact your local MEDIABASE office for assistance.


MEDIABASE is working towards a system that will erase your personal information from our systems after three years of inactivity from the last date of interaction. This policy will be updated when that system is implemented.

Currently, you may revoke your personal information from our systems at any time by informing us that you wish to do so. Upon receipt of your request, all your personal information, your name, email address and phone number will be permanently removed from the databases used at MEDIABASE to manage services.



You have the right as an individual to manage the personal data we hold about you and make amendments to it if this is necessary and to withdraw any consent in relation to the use of your personal data that you may have given us. If you exercise any of your rights, MEDIABASE may ask for information from you to confirm your identity and, where applicable, to help MEDIABASE find your personal data. We will respond within 30 days after we receive a valid request backed up by suitable evidence of your identity.

The specific rights you have are as follows:

·         to request a summary of the personal data we have about you

·         to correct and update your personal data

·         to withdraw your consent (where we have requested and you have given it to enable MEDIABASE to send you any general information that is not strictly necessary under any contract nor is within our legitimate interests to send to you)

·         to object to certain kinds of processing of your personal data such as automated processing and profiling

·         to erase your personal data or restrict its use

·         to complain to the MEDIABASE-nominated supervisory authority in the European Union which is the Datainspektionen in Sweden. The Datainspektionen may be contacted at PostaddressBox 8114, 104 20 Stockholm, Sweden (


We reserve the right to update this Policy to reflect changes to our information practices by prominently posting notice of the update on our Sites, and as required, obtaining your consent. Any updates will become effective immediately after posting the updates to this Policy and apply to all information collected about you, or where required, upon your consent. You agree that you will review this Policy periodically.

If we make any changes to this Policy, we will change the "Last Updated" date above.

If we make any major changes to this Policy – including, but not limited to, changes that materially impact previously collected information about you – we will contact you by email to obtain your prior express consent.

12)     CONTACT US

If you have any questions about this Policy, or concerning information we may have collected about you, please contact us by email at, or by postal mail to:-

Data Privacy Manager
RCS Europe
Ostergatan 39
216 19 Malmö